Who We Are


Established in 1996, Meatworld International, Inc. is a formidable player in the country’s meat industry. It is one of the largest meat retailers in the Philippines, supplying and operating over 630 supermarket and 78 convenience store outlets through concession arrangements of meat products and distribution of seafood.

It operates the Mrs. Garcia’s Meats and Farm Fresh brands, as well as supermarket house brands in 25 supermarket chains all over Luzon and Visayas. Likewise, it distributes exclusively Sarangani Bay, a well-known seafood brand in the country. It is also a preferred supplier to over 150 wholesale or key accounts (i.e. restaurants, hotels, canteens, and meat shops) for customized meat requirements.

The company is also engaged in the fabrication and processing of meats, packing and distribution. It manages a production or meat-cutting facility where it fabricates meats into special consumer cuts for distribution to supermarkets and wholesale accounts. 

Meatworld International, Inc. Core Team

In 2018, the group of businessman Martin Lorenzo acquired Meatworld through First Lucky Holdings Corp. (FLHC). Martin's successful track record for acquiring, managing, and creating added value in diverse business ventures complements the strengths of the company. 

The company employs over 1,500 butchers and merchandisers as retail operators. The workforce is very skilled in butchery and experts in fabrication and transformation of meats. It is trained to transform carcasses to primals, and primals to consumer cuts with optimum yield and minimum wastage, with the perceptiveness for balancing demand cuts, non-demand cuts, commodity products and by-products.


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Meatworld International, Inc. operates the most recognized brands in the Philippine meat industry: