Our Facilities

Meatworld International, Inc. operates a meat-cutting plant, cold storage, and dry warehousing facilities in Carmona, Cavite and Mandaue, Cebu. The facilities are accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and certified GMP and HACCP to ensure compliance to food safety. The plant fabricates the pre-packed meat requirements of supermarket outlets and customized meat cuts for wholesale or key accounts. The production process is checked by quality assurance (QA) personnel to ensure the process meets company standards.

Meat Cutting Facilities - Meatworld International, Inc.

Meatworld has a logistics group that handles the transport of meat and seafood products from the company's warehouses to its supermarket outlets. The transport of goods has an uninterrupted cold chain distribution and uses a combined fleet of over 40 trucks that are well-maintained, NMIS accredited, and equipped with the necessary food safety requirements such as carcass hangers and floor pallets. 

Meatworld International, Inc. operates the most recognized brands in the Philippine meat industry: