Cooking with Mrs. Garcia's

BBQ Liempo Sisig

This classic pulutan dish can also be eaten for lunch or dinner. Using Mrs. Garcia's Pork Liempo, you can satisfy people who do not eat ulo or tenga.

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Pork BBQ Liempo w/ Fried Tofu

Level up your home cooking with this dish! Using tofu or tokwa alongside Mrs. Garcia's Pork Liempo, you will surely wow your friends!

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Pork Ribs BBQ

Try out this recipe using Mrs. Garcia's Pork Ribs. Slightly sweet and with a hint of spice, this recipe is best served with your dearest family!

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Breaded Pork Chop Fried Rice

Kids will surely love this fried rice recipe using Mrs. Garcia's Pork Chop! Try it out now!

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Creamy Cheese Menudo

This traditional Filipino recipe comes with a twist: cheese! Using Mrs. Garcia's Pork Menudo Cut, this dish will surely satisfy the entire family!

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